Frequently Asked Questions
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What is Loseria
Loseria is a sim/parcel/area of land in the virtual World of SecondLife, where Dom´s, dommes, switches and submissives can all enjoy the thrills and erotiscim associated with financial domination under a BDSM theme in a friendly atmosphere. You can create a free account with SecondLife, and here is the link to the Loseria Location.
Loseria Sim Rules
Be polite and respect others
Rude behavior between Dommes is not tolerated.
Consensual Play is expected
Loseria is based around BDSM focused on Financial Domination, please keep your play within these themes. Other activities such as escorting is frowned upon.
Respect all slaves even if they are allowed to play with others
Disruptive behaviour is not tolerated
There is no Spamming and advertising of any nature except for your Adboard.
Group Chat may be used to call an admin or to request and share information, please refrain from using it as a forum for gossiping.
Adboards may be sold, but you may not advertise their sale in Loseria.
You are free to visit, but if you work as a dominant you must use the FindomRP system. Registration is done on the laptops outside the main entrance.
If you are caught cheating with your tributes, you will be forfeited that amount.
Please refrain from using child like Avatars, they are not welcome in Loseria

Remember...have fun !
What is the FindomRP system
FindomRP system is an advanced financial domination system which records the tributes (real money) received and tributed, pay piggies can be registered as being owned or whether they are allowed to play with others, and it will show the highest ranking tributes in the last week. All this information is kept in a database which can be viewed on the website, The system has 10´s of thousands of members, and has been around for over five years, it is the most popular financial domination system in SecondLife.
What are the Levels
The amount of tributes given and received in terms of L$. You can find the levels here
What do the Stars mean on
(red star) Owner
(yellow star) Admin
(violet star) System Maintenance / Admin
(Green star) VIP
(blue star) Previously Appreciated - under reconstruction
O (empty circle) Affiliated sim owner without star
👩 MisaLambert
👩 girl Alex
👩 xMysticalx
👩Dove Scarlet
👩lulu Talon
👩Vanda Clowes
👩LadyTanja Walmer
👩 esikawallmer
👩Misty Littlething
Require re-delivery, roles changed, adboards malfunctioning, affiliate sim registration ?
Please contact LadyTanja Walmer and she will fix it for you.
How Do I register
  1. Firstly, you will need to register on one of the laptops just outside the landing point building to the right. You can choose sub, switch, domme or Dom. If you change your mind after, you can just register again with another choice.

  2. You may then join the group (which will give you the right to rez object on the land, contact staff, receive noticed in group chat, and updates to the system). To obtain your tag in the group, please contact one of the admins or owners and they will be happy to do that for you, you can find them in the Group or just ask someone in Loseria, people are generally quite helpful.

  3. You can purchase a special tip jar from the wall, or one of the other tipjars available on SecondLife MarketPlace with upgraded functionality. Unfortunately your own or other tipjars wont work with the FindomRP system. There are permanently placed rainbow coloured tipjars on the sim which you can also use.
I see people with their own jars. How do I get one ?
You can place the FinddomRP tipjar script into any modifiable object, the choices are only limited by your own fantasy ! Simply rezz a Loseria tipjar on the ground, edit with right click, go to the contents tab, drag a copy of the script to your inventory. Then rezz your own tipjar on the ground, edit with right click, go to contents tab, copy the script you just placed in your inventory into the contents tab, take back your object and rezz it again and it will be ready to use.
Why does my jar vanish when I rez it and then logoff ?
The basic tipjar will delete itself when you log off. There are several versions of the tipjar available on marketplace, the home edition was especially designed to remain online even after you logged off, if you are interested in purchasing one, you can find the link Second Life Marketplace .
What is the Findom HUD ?
It is recommended (but not necessary) that you purchase the Findom HUD to increase your Findom play. The HUD allows you to scan other users. See someone you are interested but missed them coming into the sim? No problem. The HUD allows you to scan for names around you to see how much that person has spent and received in the system as well as if they are a sub or Domme. It also displays if they are owned and if so, if they are allowed to play with others or not. You can also manage your subs, setting if they can play with others or not via the HUD.
What is the Findom Titler ?
The titler displays your stats above your head, including your role, status and how much you have paid or recieved depending on your role.
How do I register a submissive as mine?
Right next to the desks laptops, there is an owner registration box. The cost to purchase is 1,000L and should only be purchased by the sub. If by accident the Domme purchases it, it is transferable. Instructions come with the box but it is highly recommended that you do not rezz the box out in public as anyone can click on it and claim your sub. If this happens and the Domme refuses to release them, there is a high penalty for breaking an arrangement of ownership. it is not required that either the domme or the sub are registered in the findomRP system to use the slave box, but in order to be able to use the tribute score system, the domme should at least should be in the findomRP system.
Help! I need to be released from my Domme and she refuses!
As mentioned, the penalty for this is quite high. In an attempt to make subs think about who they are registering with and well as to keep subs from simply running off, the price to break off an arrangement with a Domme without her consent is L$5,000. There is an emergency release sign next to the ownership box to pay in order to be released.
I want an adboard in the main area but they are all taken, what do I do?
Be patient and keep your eye open. These boards go fast and there is not an ability to reserve them for anyone. Simply watch them to see when one comes available. Notices are sent out via group when one is free as well. Act fast, they go quick. If you have a blog/website, you can also advertise on our website blog_links
Who do I contact in the case of a griefer, troll or if I need help?
One option is to ask in group chat (Home in County Mocha) of any trouble happening on the sim. Simply type in what the issue is and someone will come to the rescue ! You can also check the group for any VIP or Admins online to help assist you if you don't get a timely response via group chat. There is usually someone available to help 24/7, but of course at times there may not be.
Tax-O-Meter (TOM)
An alternate new financial domination system on Secondlife . It is a completely independent system with no connection to the FindomRP system whatsoever (even though they promote such compatability). Anyone using this system is of course welcome in Loseria, but please observe not to wear their Group Tag while in Loseria