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TIPJAR - You can use the script in your own tipjar

Will self-delete after logging out
Home Edition
Will remain rezzed after Logging out
Hidden Details
Does not show Tribute amounts
Higher Amounts
Will self-delete after logging out
Fixed much higher amounts


Club Vendor
FindomRP Vendor for clubs
FindomRP HUD
View Status and change settings
FindomRP Titler
Change FindomRP status title
Register sub
Ownership registration. sub to purchase
Money Proof
Temporary display of having funds.


Army RP Titler
Findom army RP Titler
Army HUD
Army RP records HUD

SIM Control

sub SIM
Manage Allowed sims for subs
PV Relay
PV management Relay for subs
Temporary sim ban for your sub

FindomRP Toys

Debt Box
FindomRP compatible Debt Box
Financial whip
FindomRP compatible Financial whip


iControl Shock
iControl addon for shock collar feature
web Mail web private email
Face Slapper
Addon to KDC face slapper, pay