Premium TipJar Instructions
To get full functionality, you will need three things. You can copy the script into your own personal tipjar.
  1. Premium Tipjar from MarketPlace
  2. Bue Star - Next to the Entrance at Loseria in world
  3. FrindomRP Premium HUD - received with purchase of Blue Star



When you rezz the tipjar on the ground, it will remain in that position. If you would like the tipjar to follow you around as you move, then left mouse click the tipjar. You do not need the Blue star to do this.

Clicking it again will return it to a static position on the ground. If you have a blue star, you can adjust the position which it follows you (described below).

Hide Tributes

If you have a Blue Star and the FindomRP Premium HUD, you can easily hide the amounts displayed on the tipjar.

1) add the FindomRP Premium HUD

2) Left click the star and you will be presented with the following pop-up where you can toggle hide and show

Set default Tribute Amounts & Follow distance

1) Right click the tipjar

2) Select Edit

3) Find the Description Field

4) You can change the description field as follows